Classroom Material

The following pages provide a series of exercises that allow students and teachers to expand on the various topics and themes embedded in the film Paul in Athens and to explore different aspects of the ancient, Graeco-Roman Mediterranean.

You can choose to do any or all of the exercises, based on your interests and areas of study. All exercises begin with the movie, so you should start by watching the film. Then, download the exercise that interests you or that was assigned to you by your teacher. Each one includes a series of questions stemming from the movie to stimulate further thinking and research. The exercises also provide ancient sources – texts, maps, artistic and archaeological artefacts, as well as a bibliography of modern, scholarly works – that will enrich your learning and will assist you in your work. Once completed, the exercises are meant to be submitted and graded by teachers (answer sheets are provided in the teacher’s manual) and also to be used to enhance classroom discussion. The exercises can also serve as a starting point for a larger research project or essay.

The topics included in our exercises thus far are:

  • Geography of the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Ancient Religion
  • The Urban Landscape of Athens
  • Graeco-Roman Statues and Judaism

We may add further exercises in the future, and if you are a teacher or a professor and have developed your own exercise, please share it with us here and we will post it on the website with credit.